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A stunning year 2000 BMW 328i M Sport automatic cabriolet presented in gleaming in titanium silver metallic with black leather sport interior. In outstanding condition with low mileage, full service history & totally original specification - a rare find and sure to become a classic.

At a glance:
2000 BMW 328i M Sport Cabriolet, 2.8 litre, six cylinder automatic
Totally original and unmodified specification
Full Service History
85,612 miles and 4 previous keepers

Titanium silver metalllic bodywork

Black leather M Sport interior

New MOT until 19th April 2021

The model:
The E36 was the third generation of BMW's hugely popular 3 series, produced from 1990 to 2000. Successor to the popular e30 models, and followed by the later e46.
The initial models were the 4-door sedan body style, followed by the coupe, convertible, estate ("Touring") and entry level hatchback ("Compact") body styles in later years. The E36 was the first 3 Series to be offered with a 5-speed automatic transmission and the multi-link rear suspension was also a significant upgrade compared with previous generations of 3 Series. This car is one of the very last e36 models produced before the e46 took over and generally the latter years of any production model are the best ones to own. 


The history of this car:

This car will first registered on the 10th March 2000, and has had 4 previous owners to date, plus the current owner who purchased the car in 2015. He enjoyed this car massively including memorable journeys to interesting destinations such as Cannes and Monte Carlo. He found it perfect for European summer touring, being reliable, comfortable, refined and capable of covering long distances with great ease. 

The specification:
The car has gleaming titanium silver (titansilber) bodywork and black leather sport interior. The car has a black mohair convertible hood and a rare factory fitted silver hard top which accompanies the car. The car sits on genuine BMW motorsport alloy wheels with recent tyres. The car is currently fitted with an upgraded CD/MP3 player and top of the range parrot bluetooth handsfree system, but comes with the original stereo should you wish to return it to original specification. The car has the M Sport bumpers, wheels and steering wheel and a host of factory options. This is one of the highest specification examples I have seen. 


The car has covered a low 85,612 miles, giving an average of roughly 4,750 miles per year.

Service history:
This car comes with full service history verified by the service book and accompanying receipts which shows servicing at the following intervals:



2,749 miles 

5,611 miles

7,286 miles

18,663 miles

30,162 miles

36,506 miles

43,822 miles

55,299 miles

62,021 miles

67,403 miles

71,247 miles

83,530 miles


(last serviced at 83,530 miles, now at 85,612 miles)

On the Road:
The car is incredibly well made with real BMW quality feel as you would expect from the leading German car maker. Everything feels solid and well-engineered, even 18 years after leaving the factory. The engine pulls strongly and smoothly through the gears and the switchable sports mode automatic gearbox changes solidly and swiftly as it should. The steering is precise and engaging, being smooth, powerful and refined and this would have been a very expensive and desirable car when new. It's great for cruising with the top down, or can be hustled if and when required. It's still pin sharp to drive, a testament to the quality of BMW of that era, living up to their ambition to create the 'Ultimate Driving Machine'.

The car has the top of the range 2.8 litre (2793cc) 24 valve straight six engine which is extremely smooth and well-engineered. It comes with 193bhp as standard with an impressive 210 lb. ft. of torque which provides ample power and impressive acceleration at all speeds. 8.1 seconds is quoted as the time for propelling its 1540kg weight from standstill up to 60 miles per hour, but the peak power is more obvious when accelerating within the 30-70 mph range. The engine variant in this car is the more advanced M52TUB28 dual vanos specification introduced from 1998 with improved low rpm torque.

The 5 speed switchable automatic gearbox is very smooth and changes exactly as it should.

The car has just passed the MOT which is valid until April 2021.


These are becoming a fast appreciating classics. There are fewer original unmolested examples left on the road, so finding one in superb condition with no modifications is increasingly difficult. The interior is superb with no major wear or damage. All electrics work and the interior is superb. The car goes superbly and is a real joy to drive. Alloy wheels are very clean having been refurbished a couple of years ago, tyres are excellent. The paintwork really shines and this is a car to be proud of. The gleaming bodywork is beautiful with no obvious defects and absolutely zero rust evident anywhere. The automatic roof is also in excellent condition with a clear rear screen. The hood comes down by simply pressing a button, no catches, or gadgets, just one touch operation. The factory hard to is also in great condition, perfect for keeping the car snug over winter.

As you can see from the pictures, this car is in fantastic condition and looks to have been cherished by the previous owners. All in all I think anyone with reasonable expectations will be delighted with this car.

Showroom examples are now increasingly rare, as regrettably some of these cars fell into questionable ownership when they became more affordable, but the best 'unmolested' examples are starting to gain considerably in value, so this car could well be a great investment. Many predict these cars are going to rise sharply in value over the coming years, as they transition fully into a modern classic. This car is priced at a very sensible £5,950 and based on how its predecessor the e30 have appreciated, there is every chance this car will follow suit.

This is a fantastic ‘feel good’ convertible, a really well-built and entertaining drop-top that put a huge smile on my face when I drove it out to take the pictures on a sunny day. Even after 28 years it has a quality German car feel, drives exceptionally well and seems just as solid as the day it rolled off the production line. Perfect for making the most of those rare sunny days in the winter, or summer. It draws admiring glances all the time, and is often a topic of conversation with people you meet. It has huge character and style and has the benefit of being a 'proper' four seat convertible, as so many convertibles don't really have proper rear seats. This brilliant car can be used everyday, or as a weekend treat and would be perfect for collectors with an eye to the future, keen to find the very best examples now, before the prices rise. I am confident you will not find another car with this specification in such excellent condition at this price anywhere else.

AUTOMATIC - 2000 - 2.8 SIX CYLINDER - 85,612 MILES - £5,950


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