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A splendid example of the Honda S2000 - an iconic Japanese sports convertible, destined to be a future classic.

At a glance:
2004 Honda S2000 AP2 2.0 litre manual
Totally original and unmodified specification
Full Honda Service History
2 private owners
69,510 miles
MOT to November 2020

Superbly engineered with legendary Honda quality and reputation for ultimate reliability. Highest output of any production engine of 2.0 litre displacement with a rev range of up to an astonishing 9k!

The model:
The Honda S2000 was manufactured from 1999 to 2009. First shown as a concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1995, the production version was launched in April 1999 to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary. The S2000 is named for its engine displacement of two litres.

Several revisions were made throughout the car's lifetime, including changes to the engine, gearbox, suspension, interior and exterior. Officially two variants exist: the initial launch model was given the chassis code AP1, though cosmetically similar, the facelifted version (known as the AP2) incorporated significant changes to the drivetrain and suspension.
Features include independent double wishbone suspension, electrically assisted steering and integrated roll hoops. The compact and lightweight engine, mounted entirely behind the front axle, allowed the S2000 to achieve a 50:50 front/rear weight distribution and lower rotational intertia. An electrically powered vinyl soft top with internal cloth lining was standard. Honda offered Berlina Black, New Formula Red, Gran Prix White, Sebring Silver and Silverstone Metallic.
The 2004 ‘AP2’ model S2000 underwent several significant changes as production moved to Sazuka. The new model introduced 17 inch wheels along with a retuned suspension to reduce oversteer. The spring rates and shock absorber damping were altered and the suspension geometry modified to improve stability by reducing toe-in changes under cornering loads. The subframe also received a revision in design to achieve a high rigidity. In the gearbox the brass synchronisers were replaced with carbon fibre. In addition, cosmetic changes were made to the exterior with new front and rear bumpers, revised headlight assemblies, new LED tail-lights, and oval-tipped exhausts.


The history of this car:
This car was first registered on the 17th March 2004, and has had only 2 owners over the last 13 years.


The specification:
Silverstone silver with red leather interior, my favourite colour for these S2000. The AP2 model had the benefit of various improvements, including a heated glass rear screen in the hood, a vast improvement over the clear plastic in the original model. The car comes with matching Bridgestone Potenza tyres, all with good tread

This car has covered a low 69,510 miles (at time of writing) but does not appear to have been kept off the road for years at a time, always roadworthy and used very occasionally.


Service history:
The car comes with full and up to date Honda Main Dealer service history, each service performed on time and as per the schedule. Last serviced in June.


On the road:
These cars drive exceptionally well, with finely tuned purpose, poise and precision. They are astonishing, and were engineered to satisfy the purists as a driver’s car. The engine starts first flick of the key to unleash the normally aspirated 2 litre engine, which is free revving to an astonishing 9,000 RPM. It’s like having a motorbike engine in a car. The surge of acceleration is exceptionally smooth, with masses of power throughout the rev range. The car can be relaxed and well behaved for normal driving, but can become a monster when a little more pace is required. This really is a Jekyll and Hyde car; easy to drive like a Honda Jazz around town, and a beastly baby NSX when the need arises.


The S2000 features a front mid-engined, rear wheel drive layout with power delivered by a 1,997 cc inline four cylinder DOHC-VTEC engine. The engine (codenamed F20C) produced 237–247hp depending on the target market. The engine is mated to a six-speed manual transmission and Torsen limited slip differential.
The S2000 achieved what Honda claimed as the highest specific output normally aspirated production automobile engine in the world.

The manual short shift 6-speed gearbox engages seamlessly as it should.

Sold with the remainder of MOT until October 2020.

The car is very solid and totally original, with no discernable damage or wear, which gives the impression that this car has been cherished. If you were extremely fastidious there are a few tiny blemishes on the body and perhaps the odd stone chip, but the car is in superb condition for its age. Everything works as it should with no known faults or issues.

Prices are rapidly appreciating for the Honda S2000 as the market has seen gradual price growth in recent years, and a good quality example is likely to be a very sound investment. The best examples are now getting north of £15,000, with scruffy or modified but useable examples being worth £4,500 upwards.
This car is one of the very well cared for examples, with the top specification which, if owned and enjoyed should rise in value in years to come. Offered at an attractive, yet sensible £8,950


This is a fantastic sports car, a really well-built and entertaining fast convertible that never fails to excite. Even after 13 years it has a quality Japanese car feel, drives exceptionally well and seems just as solid as the day it rolled off the production line. Perfect for making the most of those rare sunny days in the winter, or summer. There are fewer good ones left and prices are starting to increase, so now would be a good time to make the investment in a car which is destined to become an all time classic.

MANUAL - 2004 - 2.0 LITRE - 69,510 MILES - £8,950


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