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Zut Alors! Un voiture française fantastique! Own a classic piece of French history. 

At a glance:
Peugeot 205

Zut Alors! Un voiture française fantastique! Own a classic piece of French history. 

At a glance:
Peugeot 205 XL 3 door automatic, non-sunroof.
Totally original specification
1 private owner
19,896 miles
MOT to June 2018 with only one advisory; a weak washer jet.

The Model:
The Peugeot 205 was a supermini produced from 1983 to 1998, declared "car of the decade" by CAR Magazine in 1990 and What Car?'s Car of the Year for 1984. It is often credited as the car which was responsible for turning Peugeot's fortunes around. Before the 205, Peugeot was considered the most conservative of France's car manufacturers. The 205 was an instant hit, and the styling parameters that it set were echoed in every Peugeot model that was to follow. The exterior styling was never facelifted or significantly altered in its 15-year production run. The 205 was first available as a GTI in 1984 (the same year that the three-door bodystyle debuted) and was initially powered by a fuel injected 1.6 petrol engine. The 1.9 GTI was launched in 1986 and the 1.9-litre engine was also used in the GTI version of the larger 309.


The history of this car:
The car was first registered on the 19th February 1993, to a lady from Maidenhead, and was in her sole ownership until 2016. Since then the car was put into storage and registered to a classic car company. In total only one private owner (and a classic car company) spanning 24 years and 7 months years.


The specification:
This is the XL offered only as a three door variant, and this 'top' specification included such extravagances as:
Wind up windows
Rubber floor mats.
Fog lamps (rear only)
Tweedy seats
Radio cassette
13 inch plastic wheel trims
That’s about it. Ooooh la lah.

Although it didn’t come with loads of gadgets, there is an enduring charm to the basic specification. Winding a window by hand reminds me of childhood and puts a smile on my face every time I do it. And there’s nothing to go wrong.

This car has covered an exceptionally low 19,896 miles (at time of writing) but does not appear to have been kept off the road for years at a time, always roadworthy and used very occasionally. This is an average of a lowly 829 miles per year. The car was MOT’d at the following recent intervals with such low mileage every year:​

2006: 14,569
2007: 15,174
2008: 15,519
2009: 15,897
2010: 16,255
2011: 16,794
2012: 17,207
2013: 17,554
2014: 17,879
2015: 18,724
2017: 19,798​

Which indicates the owner used the car very sparingly over the years.

Service History:
Regrettably the service history records and all accompanying information were separated during the settlement of the deceased estate, so are not with the car. However, there are a number of clues which suggest the garage and supplying dealer, and it may be that some service history could be obtained from this garage. Also, you do get the sense that the car was very well looked after.

The car will be freshly serviced prior to collection by the new owner.

On the Road:
These cars drive exceptionally well, even by today’s standards. It has a minuscule 880kg kerb weight and is equipped with the larger engine than the base model 1.1 litre, which actually makes it very nimble, and surprisingly brisk. The car starts swiftly and reliably, and cruises well, to the sound of the lively engine under the bonnet. The four speed automatic gearbox changes as expected and operates smoothly. The car has a very taut feel and is very engaging to drive, whilst easily keeping up with modern traffic. The speedometer appears accurate and the car is great fun to drive. It’s a very pleasing experience pootling about, far more so than I was expecting. The steering is precise yet light (considering the lack of power steering) and even gentle cornering tends to be grin inducing. The car feels extremely ‘new’, just as you would expect from a car having only covered 19,000 miles. The seats are extremely comfortable and supportive, suspension is very smooth and accommodating and the car is an absolute hoot to own and enjoy. The car weighs about as much as a bag of crisps, the steering is sharp and responsive and the power to weight ratio means acceleration is quite fun. I like to think of it as a more subdued and mature version of the 205 GTi.

This 205 XL came with the 1.6 PSA TU5 engine, same displacement and similar to the XU5 as used in the original 205 1.6 GTi, but down-rated and with a different cylinder head I believe. It’s a quick starter and quiet powerful considering the weight of the car. It runs very well and ticks over like a well-oiled sewing machine, as you would expect having covered less that 20,000 miles.

The gearbox is a surprisingly agreeable four speed automatic. It changes gear smoothly and quietly and performs as it should.

Sold with the remainder of MOT until June 2018, with only one advisory; a feeble washer jet (I will rectify before sale) which is astonishing for a car of this age. The vehicle has had a pair of new front tyres for the recent MOT, whilst the rear Pirelli tyres are both in good condition.

The car is very solid and totally original, with no traces of rust. The car has never been welded, nor does it need any and the underneath is in astonishingly good condition. Without having the benefit of a medium and/or a seance, it is regrettably not possible to find out the history of the car, but based on the immaculate condition and absence of any rust, I can only assume the car spent all of its life in the late Mrs Prior’s garage. As you can see from the pictures, I doubt anybody ever sat in the back seats, and you could eat your dinner off the boot floor. It’s amazing! 

As can be seen from the photographs the car is very clean, tidy and well presented.

It’s always difficult to express in words the condition of any car, and most people have differing opinions about condition, so the best way to get a true impression will be to view this lovely car in person.
I’m confident that anybody with realistic expectations will be delighted to own and enjoy this modern classic.

If you were extremely fastidious there are a few blemishes on the body which could be easily rectified, and due to the mileage and superb originality, it would be very easy and inexpensive to return this to concours condition. I am keen to offer the car in its current state, so you will see the paint is all factory standard, and not concealing anything nasty. However, a few hours with a SMART repairer could have the car looking like brand new for a small sum of money, and this could make the car concours, if that’s your intention. I have carried out only a couple of improvements; the plastic bumpers have been professionally resprayed as it would appear the previous owner used to park in the garage by touch. I have images from prior so you can see they were only lightly scuffed, but they did let the appearance of the car down. Also I have replaced the number plates as both were split but the originals are with the car. Also, the car has genuine Peugeot rubber overmats (which have keep the carpets beneath unworn) and a padded vinyl boot floor mat (not in the pictures) which will be included with the car. As far as I am aware, everything (what little there is) works extremely well.

Over 5 million Peugeot 205s have been sold, but there are now only 5,245 205s taxed and on the road in the United Kingdom in 2017, compared to the peak high of 374,773 as of December 1994. Of all 205s, there are only 70 of these 205 XL automatics still taxed in use on UK roads, (as opposed to over 1,500 205 GTi) which means this car is increasingly rare and desirable. I wonder how many of the others have covered less than 20k miles and are in such original condition?

Prices are rapidly appreciating for all 205s, the GTi market has seen massive price growth in recent years, and any ultra low mileage 205 is likely to be a very sound investment. The best 205 GTis are now getting north of £15,000, with scruffy but useable ones being worth £5,000 upwards. This car is obviously not a GTi in terms of performance, but it’s rarer; especially with a single private owner, stunning condition and really low mileage, making this car a pretty rare beast. It wouldn’t take much time effort or expense to get this car back to concourse condition and then the price would rise dramatically. It’s one of those cars that I’m half tempted to tuck into storage for 10 years to see how it appreciates…
There’s another ‘standard’ 205 on eBay for sale in Yorkshire with 28,000 miles but it’s a five door at £3490. However, this particular car has the benefit of being a 3 door and with almost 10k miles less; it is priced to sell swiftly at £2,450

This is fantastic ‘feel good’ modern classic car, a really charming and endearing motor that put a huge smile on my face when I drove it briefly. It’s great fun, so original and authentic, it’s like sitting in a time machine. I struggle to remember what I was doing in 1993, but peering out of the windows with the Peugeot and Talbot logos, and winding down the windows by hand brings all the memories back. I’m struggling to find my ‘Now That’s What I call Music..1993’ cassette, but when I do, I’m all set… Chaka Demus & Pliers, 2 Unlimited and Ace of Base, and it's time for a roadtrip!

AUTOMATIC - 1993 - 1.6 LITRE - 19,896 MILES - SOLD


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