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This is a stunning 1995 TVR Chimaera 4.0 HC, presented in a very eye catching 'Starmist' Green Metallic

At a glance:
1995 TVR 4.0 HC convertible, 4.0 litre V8, manual

More desirable later ‘serpentine’ engine, T5 gearbox and power steering
Totally original and unmodified specification
Full Service History
104,735 miles

Recently resprayed ‘Starmist’ green metallic bodywork

Fawn and green leather interior

Will be sold with new MOT

The model:
The TVR Chimaera was a two-seater convertible sports car manufactured by TVR between 1992 and 2003. The name was derived from Chimera, the monstrous creature of Greek mythology, which was made of the parts of multiple animals. (More on that later). The car used the same backbone chassis as the Griffith and used the same derivatives of the Rover V8 engine. The Chimaera was intended to be the long distance tourer of the range and as such was longer, more spacious and had slightly softer suspension than the Griffith.

It represents classic British engineering; spaceframe chassis, Range Rover derived V8 engine tweaked by TVR for maximum power, gorgeous sculpted lightweight fibreglass bodywork (no rust) and swathes of leather in the sumptuous interior. It is the classic British sports car reinvented, and with the benefit of bloodthirsty performance.

The history of this car:
This car will first registered to a gentleman from London, and has 6 owners to date, many of who are documented in the full service history. The car was originally used as an everyday car, covering around 95,000 miles with full service history up until it was stored and only covered 9,000 in the last 9 years. Since then it has been restored and re-commissioned into the condition it is now.
The re-commissioning included:
Respray in original Starmist Green
Replaced spark plugs, shrouds, leads, Bosch coil, distributor cap, idle control valve, rotor arm, fuel pump, lambda sensors x2, filters and oil service.
Wheels refurbished.
New rear screen.
New battery.
New Scorpion Thatcham cat 1 insurance approved alarm and immobiliser fitted, with certificate.
(Original alarm which are historically troublesome completely removed)

The specification:

1995 TVR 4.0 HC convertible, 4.0 litre, six V8 manual, recently resprayed ‘Starmist’ green metallic bodywork, with a fawn and green leather interior. Original TVR alloy wheels and a walnut veneer dash.

A CD player is fitted, but it’s utterly pointless with the ultimate soundtrack coming from the engine. This car has the later (and more desirable) serpentine engine and T5 gearbox. It also has the benefit of the optional power steering making it more useable as an everyday car around town and when parking.

104,735 miles, an average of roughly 4,750 miles per year.


Service history:
Full service history, originally TVR and then specialist and various other garages, last serviced at 98K and the car will be serviced prior to collection by the new owner. Full Service history paperwork and original TVR service book are included with the car.


On the road:
The car starts first turn of the key to a wonderful, thunderous rapture from the twin exhausts. The 4 litre TVR V8 HC engine pulls like train in any gear and at any speed. I have driven a cars in the past with even larger engines that this, but I have never driven a car which is so visceral and ‘raw’. It is such an engaging driving experience, and occasionally scary, but never boring. I would recommend caution if this car is ever driven hard in the wet. The car is not equipped with modern driver aids to rescue you when your ambition exceeds your talent, so you must always keep your wits about you, but when driven within the limitations of the road, conditions and driver, it’s an absolute pleasure. The suspension is slightly softer than the Griffith so is compliant yet sure-footed and the brakes do a good job of stopping the relatively lightweight car.


This car is fitted with the 4.0 HC (high compression) engine; 3950cc, 275bhp, 305lb ft of torque, max speed of 158 mph and 0-60 in 4.7 seconds. Not for the feint hearted, not to be underestimated and what an amazing soundtrack!


This car has the later Borg-Warner T5 5-speed manual gearbox as used in most late model TVRs of the era, the Sierra Cosworth and Ford Mustang. It goes into gear smoothly as it should, with positive clutch pedal. The gearbox is well engineered to handle the significant power.

The car will be supplied with a brand new MOT

The gleaming bodywork was fully resprayed 12 months ago in the original ‘Starmist’ green metallic. This was purely to remedy the stone chipping to the front end, not to remedy any accident damage. There are pictures accompanying the car which show the previous condition to support this. The car is HPi clear with no record of any accident damage, unlike some of the other lower priced cars around. Lots of these cars have been driven over-enthusiastically and ended up damaged, but this one has not. The chassis and outriggers are in good condition and all seem structurally sound. Could probably do with another coat of Waxoil this year to keep it long lasting. All in all I do not think anyone with reasonable expectations will be disappointed with this car, but please do remember that it is 22 years old and will have developed patina and character commensurate with its age


Are TVRs unreliable and badly built?
Not particularly. They aren’t quite a Honda in terms of build quality, but they aren’t as bad as people make out. Most of the reputation for unreliability was due to the massive demand meaning that the factory was overstretched. The car was such a huge success and they sold more Chimaeras than all previous models of TVR put together, but inevitably they struggled to cope with the demand. This meant some cars left the factory not quite as well finished as they should be, and this sometimes meant new owners had a few problems to iron out, which gained them a bit of a reputation. Once these niggles are sorted out, they are generally fine, and probably no worse than the Range Rovers, Vauxhall and Fords of the same era. This car has covered 104,735 miles and had been used as an 'everyday' car originally so I would assume that any niggles were resolved early on in the car’s life. You couldn’t cover 104k in a car that breaks down every five minutes could you? Having said that, this is an enthusiasts car, 22 years old, has covered over 100,000 miles, it's not a brand new Honda Jazz, so expect to get your tools dirty, or those of your mechanic. But that is all part of the fun of owning a classic TVR.

TVR has gone out of business a few times, are parts a problem?
Nope, parts are easy to find. The name Chimaera (derived from Chimera a monstrous creature made up of many parts) was fairly apt: This is a monstrous car, made up of many other manufacturer’s parts. The engine is mainly Rover/Range Rover so parts are plentiful and inexpensive to replace. Most of the other parts are Ford or Vauxhall so they are again easy to find, for example:
Wheel bearings - Ford Escort
Ignition key switch - Vauxhall (1980s Cavalier I think!)
Rear lights - Ford Fiesta, (upside down)
Ashtrays - Austin Allegro (oh yes!)
The only things which are bespoke to TVR are the engine internals, interior trim and external panels, but these are widely available secondhand from specialists, dismantlers etc.


Showroom examples (if you can find one) can often fetch up to £20K so this car could be a great investment. Many predict these cars are going to rise sharply in value over the coming years, as they have doubled in value in the last decade. The car is priced very keenly at £12,950


This is a fantastic ‘muscular’ sports car, a classic British engineered lightweight car, sculpted bodywork, leather interior, with a giant engine, awesome sound and jaw-dropping performance to match.

Even after 22 years it has a very solid and engaging feel, drives exceptionally well and seems just as brutally entertaining as the day it rolled off the production line.

It draws admiring glances all the time, and is often a topic of conversation with people you meet when you park. It has bags of power, character and style all it's own and has become something of a rare sight nowadays.

MANUAL - 1995 - 4.0 LITRE V8 - 104,735 MILES - £12,950


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